15 Best Social Media Marketing Strategies & Tips!

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In today’s era over 3.8 billion people uses social media, Social media marketing strategies are very important for every business to get Customer engagement, quality audience and driving sales. 

Seems unavoidable to be on social media isn’t it?

Wait Explore the best tips for social media marketing for your businesses.

Social media audience increases day by day. So developing an effective strategy that helps businesses to grow is vital.

Most marketers and businesses start social media marketing, run it for a while, and after that get stuck. Because the best results most of the social media marketers promised but they don’t see any extraordinary results through it and then they don’t know what to do to move further.

 “To win the war for social media audience attention, you need to have strategies that will help you get to that point of success”.

-Annaliese Hanwood

 In this Blog, I am sharing social media marketing strategies that will make your marketing as well as your life easier.

15 Social Media Marketing Strategies 


1.Plan Your Goals Before You Begin

It sounds cliche but what will you achieve you don’t have any goals?  Most  Marketers don’t have any strategies before starting Social Media Marketing and such marketers leave it quicker than they began just because they didn’t have any plan or they just have thought that starting is good enough to get further results. Unfortunately, it is not the way, you need to have goals to choose the right path to travel.

Here are the few steps to keep in mind while goal planning:

  • Be specific
  • Have attainable goals
  • Make sure that goals can be measurable


2.Plan For Each Social Media platform Before Getting Started

The Concepts of Social media remain same, but each social media channel is different. Because each social media platforms are used for various reasons, People uses Facebook for a set of reasons, Instagram for some other set of reason, Twitter for a totally different set of reasons, LinkedIn and Pinterest for some other reasons.

Don’t post the same update on all social media channels. Posting the same updates and having the same plan will not help you to achieve your goals. Instead, research and plan your social network presence that aligns with your goals and provides value to the target audience. Focus on platforms that are more preferred by the target audience.

3.Know your Target Audience

Now you have your goals in mind, let’s take a look at the audience and get to know their pain points. Without the support of your audience, your strategy will be worthless.

Planning your Social Media Marketing Strategy around your target audience is must. Your target audience will help you to figure out everything you want to do to achieve like right from marketing on social media platforms to every ounce of content you’ll create and organize.

It is essential to define their questions, their pain points and their problems. For most businesses, connecting to the right audience is the biggest challenge.

To find your ideal audience figuring out demographics like age, interest, location and what social media platforms they use is a must.

4.Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

If your niche competitors are already on social media, keep your eye on them. Monitor their posts, their followers, their followings, their timing of the post, their frequency of post, their headlines, their call to action, their hit post, their strategy of marketing track everything that your competitors are doing.

The purpose of keeping eye on your competitors is to understand what, why, how and where they do share their content. This doesn’t mean you try to copy them, keeping eye on your competitors is that you need to understand your niche better. Your Audience will not be willing to see another same post on their feed. Use data and learnings to make a strategy to get better results.

5. Build Social Media Content Calendar

No matter how your content is, without planning you are going to fail in social media marketing. Doing random things and posting updates without any prior plans that will not lead you to success. To succeed in social media marketing you need to know what should be posted and what works well and to know it; you need to plan, create and organize your social media content schedule. To start with use a google sheet, excel sheet and then go for advanced social media content tools.

Social media content calendars help to distribute resources effectively, timely, improve teamwork and give an in-depth understanding of what works well. The idea is to keep track on what content is to be published and the performance of content published so you can do the planning of further actions based on actual data, that will help you to publish future content effectively.

6.Use Content Management Tools

It’s quite difficult to come up with content and share it every day on all social media platforms, if your focus is on providing quality, then it might cost you a good amount of time to pick the right and quality content. Social media tools will be your savior in posting content daily on all social media platforms. It can be done manually when you start it fresh but you need automation and content management tools when you scale up to publish content timely and effectively. Try different content management tools and pick one that suits your preferences and needs better.

Try to automate as many activities as possible ahead of the time that you need to update on social media. But don’t let tools only run updates of social media. You should check personally content before sharing them on your business profile. Because it’s the matter of your reputation.

Use Social media tools like Promo republic, Buzz sumo, Creator studio to automate your updates of all your social media profiles then evaluate the outcomes and analytics these tools provide. Schedule pins, posts, tweets along with hashtags and mentions on social profiles that will help you to be more productive and can focus on the overall strategy that has been planned.

7.Provide Value to Audience

The purpose of social media is to build a community and provide value through knowledge and content sharing. Successful brands focus more on providing valuable content to their audience to live better. Everyone knows this but only a few practice it. Marketers and businesses want to stand out from the crowd by talking about their brand, how their products or services are better than others, how they are better than their competitions and so on.

But unfortunately, that doesn’t work to become a better brand. You can become a better brand that your audience will love to follow and want to do business with is by showing them that you care about them and you will provide them value to make their lives better with your products or services. It can be only possible if you build trust and you can build trust only by providing them value.

So whatever you share make sure that it is helping your audience and adding value to their lives.

8.Give a Human Touch to your Brand

As there are regular innovations in a digital world it is easier to communicate in any corner of the world. Emotions always miss out. Give Human Touch to your brand means to show your audience your face speak to them through videos, visuals and live streaming, show them your back office work, Show them humans behind your brand to give an emotional touch to them.

Remember that more people will connect and trust if they know you personally through social media. People love to connect with people than with the company. Brand stories are not your sales pitching, lead generation or ads, they help your audience to connect and trust your brand. Your stories and your videos will help them what you stand for, they follow your actions, culture as well as your values.

So Giving a Human touch and building your personal brand will help you a lot to stand out and do business better.

9.Use Call to Actions

Call to Actions are very important in your social media posts as that will generate engagement and sales. Unfortunately, many businesses or marketers fail to this.

Marketers or businesses post amazing Social media updates ends up with fewer likes, saves and shares compared to mediocre social media updates. People will never take action unless they are asked to do so. They don’t have any interest or time to take some action unless they are very impressed or asked for it. The difference between average posts and amazing posts are average posts ask to like and share their post but amazing posts fail to do it. So use the right targeted call to actions like-like this post, find out more, check this out, share this post, Comment your feedbacks, retweet it etc.

10.Optimize Your Posts by Driving Interest with Variety

Audience have their different time preferences for using different social media channels. Every audience uses social media channels at different times of the day. You should be not only knowing what type of content is attracting them and interesting to them, but also who purchases your products or services and which age group is more approachable to sell your products or services.

How much you will post ideally in a day? What will be your content posting time?

Answer is there is no ideal frequency of posting. posting minimum 2 to 3 posts in a day is recommended, Your answer of ideal frequency will come along with your experience and analysis of what works for your audience and what doesn’t works for them.

Now you have great content that provides value to your audience. Ofcourse you can also go with delivering content with regular text based posts. But then delivering the same content will be quite boring and will reduce the impact of your post. You have to post variety to make sure you retain interest to your audience with your posts.

Tips for doing it:

  • Post Visual images
  • Share videos, Audience get more attracted to Videos
  • Create Informational Infographics
  • Share podcasts detailing about your products and services.


11.Use Emocations

Emocations is very necessary to convey the desired behavior and emotion behind the message. The problem with text is if it is not formatted correctly it creates misinterpretations.

Make interesting polls and ask questions with emocations. Ask the audience for recording their preferences by picking emocation. It is emocation that gets audience attraction about your content. Emocation works very well with millennial audiences.

12.Leverage Quality Visuals and Live streaming

Videos are Hot things on Social Media. Visual Content and Live streaming are must to boost your audience engagement on Social Media. So communicate with your audience through videos. Make value adding and direct point videos. Connect with them via Instagram and Facebook Live. Engagement through live streaming and videos is massive.

Nowadays, people are more likely to share visual content on Social Channels. The Audience finds visual content attractive as that helps them by gaining value and marketers or businesses generate more traffic, increasing sales and getting them on top. Sharing visuals should be the main element for your social media strategy.

13.Keep an Eye on Trends

This is one of the most important Social media marketing strategies, keep an eye on popular trends emerging on each Social media platforms. If you notice some popular trend or rising strategy then it is great to keep in mind and strategize to drive engagement.

Create posts that align to your niche, don’t jump into every trends on internet. Align with trends to your niche to appear relevant to your audience. Don’t create the same or particular type of content just because other brands are doing it.

It is very essential to create a focused content strategy that you can use as a baseline for your future posts. Create a list of brands that produce high quality trending content. Add them to your calendar and post all the latest emerging relevant content.

Use some unique content as inspiration to your original posts for your brand that features unique twists that other brands of your niche are not doing.

14.Interact with your Audience

It is quite necessary to interact with your audience in the digital world. If you are not building relations with your audience it will have an adverse effect on your brand or business. Expanding reach is the forefront in your social media channels. The best way to do this is by interacting with genuine followers. Solve their problems, answer their questions, help them to grab more attention to your social media business or brand.

This will lead your business to a targeted audience landing on your social media or your website and purchasing your products or services. Social media is one of the best ways to get new clients or customers.

Ways to Interact with your Audience:

  • Interact through Direct messages
  • Interact through Twitter chats
  • Retweet on Twitter
  • Interact through Facebook groups with a similar target audience
  • Always reply to comments on social media post
  • Survey of your audience
  • Live streaming on Social media


15.Go Deep into Social Media Analytics

Analytics is very crucial while you are doing Social Media Marketing. Social Media Marketing strategies for the future can be built according to insights of past social media posts. Analytics helps you understand your audience, their behavior and what generates more traffic. Without Analytics you can’t get accurate audience behavior, Bringing changes to your products or services and you will not be able to generate accurate sales.

Review your Social media analytics give attention to statistics like how many people are saving your post page views, video views, follower growth, likes, shares, comments, clicks, impressions, etc.

Social Media analytics can be done directly through the insights tab of social media accounts or you can use various online analytics tools.


A successful social media marketing strategy is a very important part of your overall social media marketing plan, Going with trends or using different ways to connect to your audience will allow you to reach to a more targeted audience.

I believe that these tips will help you to get better results for your social media campaigns. Share which is your favorite tip in the Comments.



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